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But, you’re not stuck with a stump in your yard. Instead, you can create mulch from stump grindings. And, when a professional grinds your stump down, you can request to keep the grindings to use as in mind that while stump grinding inhibits most plant. Nov 11, How to Use Tree Stump Grindings as Mulch. The stump that remains after cutting down a tree doesn't have to stay a nuisance for years until it decays.

Instead, you can rent a stump. Jun 22, Bottom line: you can use. It is an old wives tale that you're not supposed to use unaged mulch because it will drain the nitrogen from the plants. But that has been debunked. Just make sure the mulch doesn't touch the plants - leave about 6 inches clear. 12 years ago. Wood chips, or the residue from a tree stump, can be used as a mulch.

That kind of material when used as mulch, not worked into the soil as a soil amendment would be, will not"rob" the soil of Nitrogen, that is an old myth that just will not die and is not supported by research.

robertz6. 7 years ago. The choice would be to use the material on top as mulch, or to use it as a compost ingredient. Most or all the stump wood material I've seen is in big pieces, so I would not use it as a compost ingredient. Some might choose to use it.

Mar 27, Fluffing the wood chip mulch up and airing it out before using it will get rid of any unsightly masses of mold. Arborist wood chip mulch is OK to use. So don’t worry about arborist wood chip mulch. You’ll be doing the garden a favor by adding soil-building mulch while keeping tons of organic matter out of the landfills.

Feb 12, I also just cut down a tree and had the stump ground - there is a LOT of mulch, I really can't get over HOW muc there is!

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Something to keep in mind with your stump tho - as it decomposes, it will sink, so you will have to be adding dirt to the area for a few years to keep it level. These three stumps are within 2 feet of my foundation and I am in the process of clearing the area to correct mild negative grade.

Would it be better to move the softened stump material to a different location to use as mulch, or just leave them where they are and break it up as much as possible and then put fill dirt and then topsoil over.