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The solution is to avoid watering until the top part.

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Take cuttings in spring or early summer when the plant is growing actively. Wipe the pruning shears with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol to prevent spreading disease. Cut the stem a few inches below the last leaves of the head of leaves in a thin-stemmed plant such as Madagascar dragon tree. For larger plants with thicker stems, leave a. For dragon tree propagation, you must: Chop up the plant’s sections – the stems.

Position each section’s base in a water vase and make it stand fairly upright. Look for white nodules at the stem’s base. These nodules would grow into long roots. Pot the stem sections with strong roots in individual shrubnotch.buzzted Reading Time: 8 mins.

Mar 14, Keep the cuttings in a warm place with lots of bright, indirect light. Soon, white roots will begin to grow from the nodes on the stem, and the plants will begin to grow new leaves on top. Step 3: When the roots have reached at least two inches long, pot them in small containers of moist potting soil. Keep the young dragon trees in a warm place Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Oct 08, Dracaena marginata plants are easy to propagate by rooting stem cuttings.

With a clean sharp knife or pruning shears, cut off a leafy section of stem. You should cut so that there are at least two nodes on the cutting. Place the cutting in a jar of water for roots to grow. Once the stem cuttings are rooted, you are ready to transfer them to a new pot. Dec 23, A timeless indoor plant with a striking appearance, the Dragon Tree (dracaena marginata) is known for its slender striped leaves that burst out of strong trunks.

One of the easiest plants to care for and a fabulous indoor air-purifier, the Dragon Tree requires little maintenance to bring beauty and elegance to any space it graces. Nov 17, Choose between dragon fruit seeds or cuttings from an already developing plant. Which one you choose all depends on time. If you're growing dragon fruit from seeds, it could be two years or so before your plant bears any fruit. If you grow from the cuttings of a stem, it could take much less time (depending on how large your cutting is).Views: K.

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