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Once the branches no longer make contact with the ground, examine.

Jun 17, Start pruning the weeping cherry tree by trimming back the tips of any branches that touch the ground. You want them to be at least 6 inches (15 cm.) above the ground. Next when you trim a weeping cherry tree, remove any branches that are growing straight shrubnotch.buzzted Reading Time: 3 mins. How To Perfectly Prune Your Weeping Cherry Tree. Choose only the sharpest shears. Sharp pruning shears will allow you to make quick and delicate cuts to new growth and unruly branches or twigs.

Next, you’ll want to trim down water sprouts. Go for the root area for the simplest pruning.

If your weeping cherry tree is grafted, make sure that you check for signs of new growth around the graft joint as well as on the branches.

Water sprouts, or as some people call them “suckers” grow out at the root area, taking away important water and nutrients from the tree.

Check your Weeping Cherry.

Oct 03, Prune out dead branches at any time. Here’s the culprit: Watersprout on Weeping Cherry Tree. Prune them out before they get this big. 3. Remove “watersprouts” on the trunk of the tree. If yours is a grafted tree, you will see a swelling near the top of the trunk. Prune off any branches coming out from below that shrubnotch.buzzted Reading Time: 3 mins. Jun 06, If you do decide to shorten branches, prune the weeping cherry tree by trimming back the tips of any branches that touch the ground.

You want them to be at least 6 inches above the ground. We purchase one of these to help us trim branches off our trees. Apr 13, All fruiting trees need to be pruned and cherry trees are no exception. Whether sweet, sour, or weeping, knowing when to prune a cherry tree and knowing the correct method for cutting back cherries are valuable, if you want a cherry tree that will provide maximum fruit production, ease of harvest and care, and is aesthetically pleasing in appearance, you’ll need to prune your tree.

Jul 19, When to Prune. Pruning of weeping cherry trees should occur when the tree is dormant, usually in late fall or early spring. If flowers or signs of new growth are present on the tree then it has. Jul 19, Prune a weeping cherry tree only when it's dormant.

Experts recommend pruning or trimming in the early spring when no leaves or flowers are on the branches. Cherry trees are grafted or natural. 2043 Hingham MA