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The next step is to shorten back branches that grew last year.

Aug 07, When to Prune Wisteria? A Wisteria plant should be pruned only twice a year: in summer, and then again in winter.

Get out your tools and prepare to prune again in late summer.

Pruning keeps the growth of the sprawling Wisteria under control, and just in check, to beautify the setting. However, that’s not all.

Pruning spurs the young branches to grow, and bring forth buds. That way, there’s a good circulation of air, sunlight and Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

Oct 24, To prune wisteria, start in late winter when the branches are bare and easy to reach. Use pruning shears to cut the long shoots down until only 2 to 3 buds are left on each one, then snip off the whip-like water shoots. Avoid pruning again until late summer, right after the wisteria finishes flowering%(10).

May 17, How to Step-by-Step Prune Wisteria. So, first things first. When do you prune wisteria? You will want to prune wisteria in midwinter and again in the summer time. In the summer, pruning your wisteria should be done about two months after it flowers.

Old branches can take up space and obstruct any new growth.

When it comes to how to trim a wisteria, you first should recognize that regular wisteria trimming should be. Older wisteria plants may need “hard pruning” to remove branches that are either worn out, overgrown or protruding near a window or other structures. Usually, this maintenance work is based not on the season but need or preference: you think the plants look overgrown, or you are concerned about safety hazards.

Jun 15, Best to cut them off as soon as the blooms fade. Better that the plant puts its energy into making flower buds for next year, not seeds. You might in principle be able to grow new plants from them, but wisteria take 7 to 12 years to bloom from seed, and the plants would almost certainly have inferior blooms to the named variety that you bought/5(K).

Shorten each shoot when to trim wisteria bushes 6 to 8 buds. These buds will still bear flowers. Keep pruning like this every February and short, spur-like branches will develop loaded with flower buds. You can just take them out of the plant, or cut them back all the way. It will not kill the plant. Sometimes when it comes to how to trim a wisteria, some people feel that vigilant wisteria trimming will eventually cause an older wisteria bush.

Prune back the framework, or lateral, branches in summer after the wisteria blooms. Cut these back to approximately 12 inches long, making the cut within 1/4 inch of a healthy bud. Pruning Wisteria. Pruning is the secret to good flowering, as wisteria only bloom on new wood.

Prune wisteria in late winter. Remove at least half of the prior year’s growth, leaving just a few buds per stem. If you want a more formal appearance, also.